Who Benefit From This Program?

  1. Any person aspires to be a Business Analyst.
  2. A manager from any management level, that he realizes the importance of business analysis role in the success of change initiatives.
  3. A fresh graduate student from any field of academic studies.
  4. A business Analysis Practitioner who needs to:
    1. Evaluate his experience level
    2. Attend a continual development program.
    3. Become an internationally recognized business analysis practitioners.
  5. Change projects that can’t deliver the right solutions without qualified business analysts.
  6. Mature organizations that realize its business needs for qualified business analysts to achieve its corporate strategy.

MCBA Eligibility Requirements

For BA Practitioners
  1. At least associate degree certificate.
  2. Good English language
  3. Define experience level of business analysis based on MBA-PDM
  4. Meet the certification level requirements.
For Non-BA Practitioner
  1. At least high school certificate.
  2. Good English language
  3. Approved Business and IT Knowledge either by academic certificates or by training certificates or by attending the following training courses:
    1. “Business for Non-Business People” 28 hours
    2. “IT for Non-IT People” training course 28 hours