MCBA Program has been designed to be an integrated qualification solution that provides the business analysis specialty in multi-levels based on the nature of the needs of an organization, project, and employee:

  • Organization need to have business analysis practitioners,
  • Project need to recruit different levels of business analysts, and
  • Employee need for career development and certification.

MCBA program was prepared of five levels of training and certification based on the nature of business analysis concentrations, these levels are:


  1. Basic level concentrates on preparing the beginners
  2. Foundation level concentrates on the specialty of business analysis methodology
  3. Intermediate level concentrates on the specialty of requirements and designs
  4. Advanced level concentrates on the specialty of solutions development and management
  5. Expert level concentrates on the specialty of enterprise analysis and business analysis planning

The program model was prepared to supports the practitioner of business analysis, not only the beginners and who aspire to be business analysts. The program model provides the practitioners with an evaluation test to measure their capabilities and put them on the MCBA track.

Every level builds on two types of qualification, the training and evaluation, when the attendee joins the program he will get the experience through the training sessions and certification through the exam.

The training sessions contain a mixture of formal lectures, workshop discussions, exercises, cases and tests to help the participants absorb and realize the vast amount of different kinds of information and practice how to perform the business analysis activities.

All the exams and evaluation tests are available online by MTES center