MCBA Intermediate LevelThe MCBA® Intermediate Level concentrates on requirements, designs and the tasks and techniques that business analyst uses for analysis and architecture.

The trainee in this level learn how to specify, model, verify and validate requirements, and how to define requirements architecture and design options. He learns when his experience should start and stop and how he cooperates with the other MCBAs in changing or developing projects.

The holder of MCBA® Intermediate Level is a professional requirements analyst. He has the experience to define the suitable designs, analyze potential value and recommend a solution.

The MCBA® program, the intermediate level provides three types of training courses:

The first type is workshops about “Techniques” and the training sessions are:

  • “Analysis Techniques, Intermediate 1″ 14 hours
  • “Analysis Techniques, Intermediate 2″ 14 hours
  • “Analysis Techniques, Intermediate 3″ 14 hours
  • “Analysis Techniques, Intermediate 4” 14 hours

The second type is about the tools and technology and the training courses are:

  • “Microsoft Word, Expert Level” 8 hours
  • “Microsoft Excel, Expert Level” 8 hours
  • “Microsoft Visio,  Expert Level” 8 hours
  • “Microsoft Project, Advanced Level” 8 hours

The third type is about the business analysis and the training course is:

  • “Information and Technology Architecture” 28 hours
  • “Requirements Analysis and Design” 21 hours

The MCBA® Program requires passing the Intermediate Level Exam 60 quiz 105 minutes to move to the next level “Advanced Level”.