MCBA Expert Level

The MCBA® Expert Level concentrates on need assessment, business analysis activities planning, monitoring, strategy analysis, tasks and techniques that a business analyst perform to manage the enterprise level of business analysis projects.

The expert level trainee learns how to plan the business analysis approach, stakeholders engagement, business analysis governance, business analysis information management, and how to define business analysis performance improvements, and how to assess needs and risks and how to analyze the current state, and define the future state and change strategy, ends up how to manage the business analysis activities to reach an practical solution fit the enterprise goals and objectives.

The holder of MCBA Expert Level is an excellent change strategy engineer and a professional enterprise business analyst.

The MCBA® program, the expert level provides three types of training courses:

The first type is workshops about “Techniques” and the training sessions are:

  • “Analysis Techniques, Expert 1” 14 hours
  • “Analysis Techniques, Expert 2” 14 hours
  • “Analysis Techniques, Expert 3” 14 hours
  • “Analysis Techniques, Expert 4” 14 hours

The second type is about the tools and technology and the training courses are:

  • “Microsoft Bussiness Intelligence” 14 hours
  • “Microsoft Project, Enterprise Level” 14 hours

The third type is about the business analysis and the training course is:

  • “Business Architecture” 14 hours
  • “Business Analysis Planning” 14 hours
  • “Need and Strategy Analysis” 14 hours
  • “Enterprise Business Analysis” 21 hours

The MCBA® Program requires passing the Expert Level Exam, a multi-choice quiz, 60 questions, 120 minutes to complete the program.