Mitecs Certification and MCBA®

MCBA® stands for Mitecs Certified Business Analyst

Mitecs® means Management and Information Technology Enterprise Collaborative Solutions, So Mitecs® as a concept is an extensive framework utilize many standards and methodologies. the development of these kinds of solutions “the Mitecs” depends on the best practices and the globally recognized frameworks and methodologies, all are accredited by international professional bodies such as IIBA, PMI, ASP, BSCI, ABPMP, BCS, ISO, and others.

MG “Mitecs Group” is a MITECS professional service provider and consulting firm has established based on this concept.

Mitecs Framework™ covers both the management and the IT activities of any business domain and includes all the standards of business analysis, strategic planning, project management, business process management, business intelligence, software development, organizational development, and quality management.

Besides the developing services based on Mitecs Framework™, MG has established a business channel to provide professional development products for qualifying any person who aspires to be an expert in Mitecs framework or any of its standards.

Mitecs® Certification means that MG certifies that you are qualified and have the required experience and expertise to perform the assigned tasks and secure the value to the stakeholders.

MG Mitecs® Group is an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider.