MCBA® Program requires a basic understanding of three essential fields of knowledge, Business, Management and Information technology, besides the MS Office Apps

The basic level is specified for non-practitioners of business analysis who are coming from any academic background to start their career as business analysts.

The MCBA® program provides three types of training courses:

1st. The first type is about management, business and IT and the training courses are:

  • “Business for Non-Business People” 28 hours
  • “Information Technology IT for Non-IT People” 28 hours

2nd. The second type is about the tools and technology and the training courses are:

  • “Microsoft Word” Basic Level, 8 hours
  • “Microsoft Outlook” Basic Level, 8 hours
  • “Microsoft PowerPoint” Basic Level, 8 hours
  • “Microsoft Excel” Basic Level, 8 hours
  • “Microsoft Visio” Basic Level, 8 hours

3rd. The third type is about the business analysis and the training course is:

  • “Business Analysis for Non-Business Analysts” 21 hours

The MCBA® Program requires passing the Basic Level Exam 40 quiz 75 minutes to move to the next level “Foundation Level”.