MCBA Foundation Level

The MCBA® Foundation level is concentrated on BA Frameworks, which depends on two standards, the IIBA Standard and the PMI standard.

The trainee in this level focuses on the hierarchy of each standard and its components of tasks, activities, processes, tools, techniques, and competencies, and understanding the business analysis project lifecycle and the relations between business analysis and project management during the projects.

The holders of MCBA® foundation level certificate are good assistants in managing projects either if they are part of the project staff or if they are part of functional management departments.

The MCBA® program foundation level provides three types of training courses:

The first type is workshops about techniques and the training courses are:

  • “Analysis Techniques, Foundation 1” 14 hours
  • “Analysis Techniques, Foundation 2” 14 hours
  • “Analysis Techniques, Foundation 3” 14 hours

The second type is about the tools and technology and the training courses are:

  • “Microsoft Word, Advanced Level” 8 hours
  • “Microsoft Outlook, Advanced Level” 8 hours
  • “Microsoft PowerPoint, Advanced Level” 8 hours
  • “Microsoft Excel, Advanced Level” 8 hours
  • “Microsoft Visio, Advanced Level” 8 hours
  • “Microsoft Project, Basic Level” 8 hours

The third type is about the business analysis and the training course is:

  • “Business Analysis for Practitioners” 28 hours
  • “Business Analysis Principles” training course 35 hours
  • “Business Analysis Framework and Methodology” 28 hours

The MCBA® Program requires passing the Foundation Level Exam 60 quiz 90 minutes to move to the next level “Intermediate Level”.