Mr. Rami Idris has graduated from the University of Detroit in the USA in 1991 with a master’s degree in computer science. He has worked in the industry in the USA as a networking engineer and as an IT manager for almost 9 years in many automotive and other companies such as Nissan auto, General Motors, Chrysler, Arden Corporation and others.

Mr. Idris has also over 18 years of academic experience. He has taught a variety of computer science and IT courses in many universities and colleges in the USA and the middle east. He is a certified Cisco Networking Academy instructor as well as Mikrotik Networking Academy Instructor.

Mr. Idris is currently working as an ICT lecturer and has contributed in many ways to the development of many IT courses that includes train the trainer. He was also involved in many IT bachelor thesis projects and student’s IT fairs and extra-curricular activities. Recently Mr. Idris was appointed as the Cisco Networking Academy Manager which also involves heavy online training other instructors to become certified in many Cisco related courses.

During his career as a system engineer Mr. Idris was involved in many IT and telecom projects, IT auditing and policy-related issues at government places such as the state of Michigan and the city of Detroit.

He had a private computer networking business where he was involved in setting up a full range of computer networking devices from the bottom up especially with computer servers.